About Me

Hey! I’m a photographer based in the San Francisco Bay Area, CA.

My passion for content creation started in the 7th grade, where I posted technology reviews on my YouTube channel. In middle school, I began editing for larger tech YouTubers, before stumbling across photography. Since then, I’ve traveled numerous times to shoot content for different brands and causes, telling their stories in the most creative ways possible, while also making long-lasting connections and relationships with the people I meet along the way.

I’m 17 but I’m not attending school at the moment. I graduated high school out of my junior year by taking community college courses since 9th grade, alongside my high school curriculum. I decided to spend the following year pursuing side projects that I never had time for, while bettering my photogrpahy skills.

In the months since the pandemic started, I’ve started a podcast, a clothing brand, a Muslim youth organization, and started documenting my year off on my YouTube channel. I’m planning on returning to school and attending university in Fall 2021.